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This website has as an aim to help you analyze the way you will start your corporate website project. We are aware of the fact that many people fairly want to acquire a website but they don't know anything about the subject and are a little doubtful to start the project. If you are lucky, you may find a good designer who will explain some things to you for you to be up to date on these matters. However, the designer is in charge of designing and not to educate his clients. This is why you will find this website useful. Here we will explain what you have to do to get a good corporate website and not just a boring space on the internet. Your company's website is your most important business card today and this is why it's important for you to be as informed as possible to get better results. The design will depend on the client's active participation and suggestions: if you know enough about the subject you will be able to get the best out of it and to combine it with the designer's knowledge to accomplish an excellent corporate website.

Having your website done is not the same as having your plumbing fixed. If you need to have your plumbing fixed, you just call a plumber and pay him when he has finished his job. But when you need to have your website done, you have to take responsibility for the job, too, participating actively. The design job consists in transforming ideas into symbols, concepts into graphic objects, and the client is the one who must come up with these ideas. To create concepts that will be the basis for the job is the designer's responsibility. The client must put his ideas on the table, suggest, advise, agree or disagree about any suggestion the designer makes. That is to say, the client's duty is not only to pay for the job. He plays an important role in it, and, if he doesn't participate and leaves everything in the hands of the designer, they won't accomplish the desired results.

On this website, we aim to inform you so that this part of the job you must take responsibility for can be carried out easily, knowing and being aware of what you are asking the designer to do. Throughout this website, we will provide you with advice, suggestions, information, etc. that won't make an expert in design of you, but that will serve as tools to enhance and optimize the job you will be doing together with the designer. Good ideas, good decisions and good interpretations are the key to accomplish a successful website development that will bring great benefits to your company.

Our objective is to inform you and help you. We won't get into details, complex technical concepts or anything like that. What we'll do is to use a friendly language to let you know things you must know and things you can do to get the most out the design job you want to start. We want to provide you with information in an educational and entertaining way. To do that, we have decided to divide this website into pages dealing with a specific subject, which are highly important for you to know. Our advice is that you read every page in the order we have organized them. However, we know that reading on the screen is not the same than reading a book, and we tend to skip information and pages. For this reason, every page has been written in a way that you can read them separately from the others, in case you prefer to read only a few pages.

Web Design page is a page about the most general aspects of this activity. It also provides the three most important characteristics of websites. Website is a section dealing exclusively with this area of graphic design and websites aim functions -what a website is for. Corporate Identity explains the connection between websites and this homogeneous group of design elements that make up the graphic scaffolding of a company's image. On Parts of a Website you will learn about the terminology used to talk about websites so that you can better decide how you want your website to be shaped. Finally, after going over all you need to learn and what you should do, we'll talk about web designers and your relationship with them.

We want to welcome you to this website intended for clients and not for designers. We want to thank you for having chosen us to help you with this new project. Let's now surf together this website created for you.

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